Great news for local homeowners;

Jaguar Land Rover has just announced plans to recruit 5,000 new employees. With three of JLR’s four UK plants being on our doorstep, this is bound to put extreme pressure on the local property market over the coming months – inevitably leading to even higher prices being achieved.

As 1000 of these jobs are in the software sector, which is typically higher paid than manufacturing, we expect homes at all price ranges to be positively affected.

We have always enjoyed a great relationship with JLR employees during their home moves and we are currently in talks to provide relocation services for their executives on a Preferred Supplier basis. We shortly expect to be helping buyers find the right property even before they start to scan the portals. All our staff are local and are well-placed to offer friendly advice to buyers who might never before have experienced the delights of the Coventry/Rugby/Leamington Spa area.

You may not currently be considering a move,  but with a confusing political and economic environment continuing to affect many aspects of our lives and our future, you might just want to take advantage of this property bonanza while you can.

Please feel free to call me personally on 01926 436121 to arrange a short, free and confidential meeting about how, together, we can make this opportunity work for you.