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Making Moving Easier

Making Moving Easier

Moving day can be stressful enough, but a bit of forethought can go a long way.

For example, many people take the opportunity to clear any unwanted junk out of their homes and lives. Charity shops, car boot sales, and friends can be grateful recipients of some items, and hiring a small skip for a couple of weeks (about £100-£150) can be liberating!

Our advice would be to have a clear-out early in the process – ideally before you even put your property on the market. An uncluttered house with tidy cupboards and a clear garage all improve the presentation of your home tremendously, thereby increasing its saleability and possibly its price.

The reduced volume should also bring down your removal costs. You can bring these down further by considering if there are any bulky pieces of furniture that you are thinking of having restored. For example, your current sofa might not look right in your next home unless it is recovered. So, if you are moving locally, why not ask the upholsterer to collect the sofa a couple of weeks before moving day and deliver it, re-upholstered, to your new one?

Do make sure that you plan where larger items are going in advance. It is easy for the removers to put something like a piano in the right room, but difficult for you to move it elsewhere after they have left. As well as making sure that a piece fits in a certain place, do also find out if the access to that place is easy enough.

At Newman Property Experts, we offer a 3D floor plan for every property we market and sell, these can be invaluable when it comes to moving. Having a visual idea of a properties lay-out on paper, with an idea of sizes, can really help in the pre-move preparations.

We also offer Virtual Tours, these can give a real idea of space, offering a life-like 360degree tour of the property. Allowing you to immerse yourself in each room to visualise where your belongings could be best placed.

Finally, direct the removers to pack things you will need on the day such as children’s beds, kitchen and bathroom accessories, clothes, food and work-related items last so they will be the first things to be unloaded at the other end.

Remember – planning is the key to a stress-free move!

Getting the Most out of Your Property Investment

Getting the Most out of Your Property Investment

Superficially, lettings could be seen as relatively straightforward, and some firms do indeed regard themselves as a simple broking operation.

However, if your investment is going to provide you with peace of mind as well as a great return on investment, then you will want to know that the property is being managed by people who really care.

Our response to the ever-growing rentals market has been to take a good look at the opportunity to deliver a service to landlords which not only meets expectations, but goes way beyond. Indeed, many of our clients have commented that they have found our lettings service to be a “breath of fresh air” when compared to their previous experience!

For example, it is critical that all prospective tenants are thoroughly vetted and credit checked in order to ensure that they will not only pay the rent on time, but that they will also look after your property as if it were their own, if not better!  Indeed, we are passionate about this issue, and during every tenancy we regularly visit the property personally. This not only means that we can keep an eye on how the tenants are treating it, but also allows us to advise you if any preventative maintenance should be undertaken (eg gutters cleared).

We find this ongoing relationship with your tenants is also an excellent way of showing them that you care, resulting in them treating you and your investment with the utmost respect, resulting in an optimum return and a peaceful night’s sleep! After all, that’s what a good letting agent is all about!

So when choosing a letting agent, why not choose the one who regards every property as if they owned it themselves? Why not call us for an initial chat on 01926 436111.

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Should We Accept The Offer?

Should We Accept The Offer?

When you are planning to move house it can be tempting to accept the first buyer who comes along with an attractive offer. However, buyers come in all shapes and sizes, and it is important to assess your purchaser’s ability to perform before accepting any offer.

We often receive offers from people who themselves have a property to sell that is not yet under offer. Depending on the circumstances, our advice to our seller, generally, would be not to accept such an offer. The main reason is that by doing so, you would effectively be linking – and possibly reducing, the saleability of your own property to the saleability of theirs. Their property may not be as saleable as yours, so you would need to check this out first. Whilst they might tell you that it is likely to sell quickly because of its immaculate presentation, unique architecture or stunning views, these attributes do not necessarily make it a saleable proposition if the price is too high. If, of course, their property is regarded as being more saleable than yours, then it might well be worth accepting their offer.

What about your buyer’s financial ability? Do they have confirmation from a recognised lender confirming that they qualify for the right size of mortgage, subject only to your property being suitable for mortgage purposes? You could also ask for their solicitor to confirm that any other monies required are available.

By accepting an offer from someone who has a property to sell, you risk slowing down your move, and in doing so you also risk your property becoming an old chestnut should their offer subsequently fall through and the property has to be remarketed some time later.

There is more to selling your home than finding a buyer, so do take advantage of our skill and experience in qualifying anyone who makes an offer.

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Protecting your Rent…and your Investment

Protecting your Rent…and your Investment

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a letting agency is whether or not they subscribe to a Client Money Protection Scheme. There have been several examples of unscrupulous letting agents who have mysteriously closed holding many thousands of pounds in client monies – primarily rental receipts that should have been paid over to the landlord.

According to the National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS) it is estimated that residential letting agents currently hold £14 billion in client monies but only when it is too late do consumers consider asking their agent whether the monies are held in a designated client account and whether they have the necessary insurance in place to protect that money in the event that the firm were to experience financial difficulties, or if the money were misappropriated.

Whilst deposits from tenants have been protected by way of the Deposit Protection Scheme introduced in 2007, there is no mandatory framework for the protection of rents actually received.
There are currently approximately 8,000 to 10,000 agents in the private residential sector, of which only around 40 per cent come under any regulatory framework and can offer the necessary protection to consumers. Member firms of NALS and the professional bodies, Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), must meet clearly defined criteria as a condition of their accreditation or membership, which includes Client Money Protection cover.

As you might expect, we have full accreditation and all our rents are fully protected for our clients’ security so you can sleep easy knowing your investment is in safe hands.

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